2009 Canadian e-Learning Conference Program

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The enterprise course management system (CMS) is firmly established on many campuses as the primary method for of delivery online and mixed mode courses and course activities.  It is widely agreed that the CMS handles student management, grades, assignments very well but handles peer-to-peer and student-instructor interactions less well.  How can institutions and individuals leverage Web 2.0 to pick up where the CMS leaves off?  How are institutions extending the capabilities of the CMS by using built-in APIs or other lightweight approaches such as RSS?

How can technology enhance learning & teaching?  How are faculty acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use e-learning? What are some of the challenges of using technology?  Is it innovations in teaching or innovations in technology that drive pedagogical change? Should technology drive pedagogical change?

Topics will tap into the fast-evolving worlds of new media and open education. Are you using Open Educational Resources, Open Textbooks, or Open Source Software? Do you have a model for the elusive Personal Learning Environment? A fascinating application of social learning environments? A project that busts out of the ivory tower? Or maybe something so new we haven’t thought to put it in a theme yet?

Are students learning differently?  Has teaching changed?  Are lightweight and easily available web 2.0 tools having an impact on the online or face-to-face classroom?

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