2009 Canadian e-Learning Conference Program

Teachers’ Learning Cultures: Critical Inquiry with ICT

Session Title: Teachers’ Learning Cultures: Critical Inquiry with ICT

Time & Date: 9:50 A.M. – 10:35 A.M., Friday, June 19, 2009

Location: Rm. 260, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC)

Session Description: This presentation will explore questions about learning and teaching with ICT. I will discuss the relationship between ICT, teacher learning cultures, and pedagogical change. The presentation will draw from research conducted over the last two years in a teacher education program at a major Canadian university. Data will include contributions from teacher candidates, faculty advisors, sponsor teachers, and school administrators associated with a two year elementary teacher education program. In this presentation I will present findings about the formation of teacher candidates’ self perception as a teacher who will integrate ICT into their professional teaching practice. A central interest in this research is the role language plays in the formation of perceptions about teaching and learning with ICT. In this context, language is understood as an indicator of cultural attitudes toward ICT within specific educational settings. We are investigating the relationship between language use and the formation of teachers’ self-perception about ICT in educational contexts. Critical inquiry is employed to provide a way to understand how taken-for-granted educational practices contribute to the formation of self-perception and local culture. Additionally, we are interested in the role reciprocal mentoring can play in supporting the creation of “ecologies of cognition” – communities of practice engaged in critical inquiry and ICT for teaching and learning.

Conference Stream: Research

Session Format: Panel Discussion

Presenter: Jenny Arntzen

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