2009 Canadian e-Learning Conference Program

Making a Difference with Elluminate: A Hands-On Workshop

Session Title: Making a Difference with Elluminate: A Hands-On Workshop

Time & Date: 11:00 A.M. – 12:35 A.M., Thursday, June 18, 2009

Location: Rm. 302, Dodson Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC)

Session Description: With its multiple functionalities, Elluminate Live has proven to be an effective tool used at the University of Alberta to support distance and on-campus learning, professional development, research collaborations and communities of learning. Implementing Elluminate within the teaching/learning environment provides a mechanism to increase both social and teaching presence, create authentic and engaging learning spaces and enhance the teaching/learning process. Researchers and administrators using Elluminate have increased their opportunities and possibilities for collaboration. The positive response we get from our users reinforces our conviction that Elluminate Live brings added value to teaching, learning, research and administrative environments.

Part 1 of this workshop focuses on how has Elluminate has made a difference at the University of Alberta. Using a case study approach we will share stories in both narrative and video formats. This will be an audience driven workshop.

Part 2 of the workshop uses a hands-on approach where participants will be provided with opportunities to interact with one another in the virtual classroom while developing an understanding of the capabilities of the Elluminate suite (ElluminateLive, Plan and Publish). The workshop goes beyond simply understanding how the “wired” connection works to creating “authentic” and pedagogically sound connections with participants. Participants will also be asked to work in small groups to discover ways in which they can integrate synchronous communications into their own teaching situations.

Conference Stream: Learning & Teaching

Session Format: Hands-On Workshop

Co-Presenter: Wendy Caplan

C0-Presenter Bio: With over 13 years experience managing eLearning programs, Wendy Caplan is the Director of e-Learning Services for the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta.

Co-Presenter: Dr. JoAnne Davies

Co-Presenter Bio: JoAnne Davies is IT Manager (University of Alberta Human Resources), coordinates e-learning for staff development; PhD (Educational Psychology); taught face-to-face, blended & online courses (Faculty of Education).

Co-Presenter: Laurie Candy

Co-Presenter Bio: Laurie Candy is the eLearning Professional Development Specialist in the Faculty of Nursing and has worked in the design and delivery of on-line programs for over 12 years.

Co-Presenter: Wade Kelly

Co-Presenter Bio: Wade Kelly is a Professional Development Specialist in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. He develops electronic resources for distance and blended delivery

Co-Presenter: Jessica Goerz

Co-Presenter Bio: Jessica Goerz is a Learning & Development Specialist at the University of Alberta. With eight years E-Learning experience, she supports a staff learning program.

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