2009 Canadian e-Learning Conference Program

An In-depth Look at Officer Training: Investigative Skills Education Program

Session Title: An In-depth Look at Officer Training: Investigative Skills Education Program

Time & Date: 12:40 P.M. – 1:55 P.M., Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Location: Student Union Building (SUB) Partyroom

Session Description: The Edmonton Police Service identified an immediate need to update the police training methods. The nature of policing has changed and the complexity of day to day policing has increased significantly. Police officers require on-going training to ensure that they are knowledgeable about current policies and procedures. The development of the curriculum must address the needs of officers so they can effectively investigate crime.

As a result the Edmonton Police Service, In-house Training department is leading the development of the Investigative Skills Education Program (ISEP) a provincial training initiative. The ISEP program has four distinct levels which lead to a level of certification as officers progress through the program. ISEP has utilized a blended learning model to create both theoretical and experiential learning opportunities.

The literature suggests that the blended learning environment is a combination of F2F and online learning. The assumption is, the blended learning environment generally follows a format where the F2F learning occurs first and the online is a supplement to the F2F. However, EPS has the two activities in the opposite order. The officers complete a number of online courses to ensure that they have the knowledge and theory before attending class.

Conference Stream: Learning & Teaching

Session Format: Poster Presentation

Co-Presenter: Sgt. Carol Glasgow

Co-Presenter: Cheryl Lepatski

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