2009 Canadian e-Learning Conference Program

Success with Interdisciplinarity for Custom-Built e-Learning Technologies

Session Title: Success with Interdisciplinarity for Custom-Built e-Learning Technologies

Time & Date: 11:00 A.M. – 11:45 A.M., Thursday, June 18, 2009

Location: Rm. 155, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC)

Session Description: E-learning professionals blend theory and practice in projects involving complex systems of information, education and technology. During this session, presenters will share strategies for successful interdisciplinary project work for custom design and development of e-learning technologies. Our case study describes the customization of an online objectives management tool that meets the needs of capturing curriculum information for an outcomes-based undergraduate medical education program. In particular, the case study will explore the iterative ¬process of surveying a wider audience of stakeholders and translating a diverse range of curriculum and educational needs into overall technical requirements. Key lessons learned about the roles of information professionals, e-learning specialists, and subject matter experts in an interdisciplinary setting will be explored. We will share best practices for creating customized learning technologies, including effective processes for integration of home-grown information architecture, content structures, and controlled vocabularies that can extend traditional online curriculum management. An analysis of outcomes and results of a coordinated approach to merging content with e-learning delivery methods will be shown. This discussion will include strategies for incorporating transferable knowledge and tools into day-to-day project work across disciplines and for communicating the strategies behind interdisciplinary approaches to stakeholders.

Conference Stream: Extending the CMS

Session Format: Paper Jam

Co-Presenter: Erika Smith, MA

Co-Presenter Bio: Erika Smith has an M.A. in Humanities Computing, and studies instructional design and educational technology for medical education. She is the E-Learning Specialist in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Co-Presenter: Jane Choi, MD

Co-Presenter Bio: Jane Choi obtained her medical degree in 2007, works in undergraduate medical education at the University of Alberta, and will begin graduate studies in education.

Co-Presenter: Lauren de Bruin, MLIS

Co-Presenter Bio:Lauren de Bruin obtained her Master of Library and Information Studies degree from the University of Alberta in 2006. Since that time, she has worked in a variety of library and information service settings, including rural and urban public and school libraries, post-secondary institutions, and for private clients. Her professional and research interests include information behaviour, user-system interaction, and the development of information source preferences. She currently works with the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta.

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